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Multi-Drug Implant Shows Potential For HIV Treatment and Prevention

A new study research posted in Nature Communications displays a potential option for those who have to go through a pill routine every day. Aiming at HIV prevention and treatment, scientists all over various divisions at Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina worked on a 7-year research in animals to make an enhanced injectable drug implant that is ultra-long-acting and can merge various drugs, while also dealing with a number of hurdles encountered with present HIV prevention and treatment techniques.

“There is no FDA-accepted or marketed tech for long-lasting HIV prevention, and we are the first to employ this delivery method techniques with various antiretroviral drugs,” claimed the first author of the study, Rahima Benhabbour, to the media in an interview. “To have an HIV prevention cure that has an injection almost 2 times a year might make an implausible impact for people.” She claimed, “This tech is not only has the potential for HIV, but for any type of condition that needs an everyday intake of medicine. We are talking about a removable, safe, long-lasting injection that takes away the dilemma of following a daily medicine routine.”

Antiretroviral drugs are employed in both treatment and prevention of HIV, and various kinds are employed in combination to offset resistance to any one antiretroviral medicine. These drugs require to be taken daily consistently. There are many challenges that stand in the way of obedience to these medicine regimens. Benhabbour claims that this especially implies to otherwise fit individuals making an effort to prevent infection.

On a related note, scientists at the University of York are part of a global team that has found how a parasite accountable for distribution a serious tropical disease defends itself from starvation once within its human host. The results offer a new insight of the Leishmania parasite’s metabolism and this new insight could possibly be employed in its eradication.

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