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TikTok’s Latest Mission To Omit Videos Aiming Its Hometown Government

TikTok—a 2017-launched China-based social media video application—may have tried to introduce a couple of China’s censorship policies at the global level. The Guardian obtained some documents reportedly showing specific policy that allow app representatives to exclude content that is associated with topics that aren’t admissible to propose. Some of these topics include the 1998 riots in Indonesia, the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, and the Cambodian genocide.

In most of the cases, the social media behemoth tries to restrain the visibility of the video posted by the users on a banned topic. The app wouldn’t delete the post entirely from the platform, and not always let its algorithm to pick such videos.

In turn, TikTok creator ByteDance claims it pulled down the guidelines in May. The company informed The Guardian regarding guidelines retirement that it adopted a blunt approach during the TikTok’s emerging phase to curtailing clashes on the platform. However, ByteDance is employing more localized approaches for content moderateness, with the support of both region-specific arbitrators and policies.

The most recent specimen of Chinese-style censorship is trooping at the global level. Earlier this year, the Chinese censor board withdrew Taiwanese-created horror game Devotion from Steam, as an image within the game denoted Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On a related note, Android Police—particularly Android devices and applications featuring news website—has reported that Instagram is serving dark mode for those users who enrolled for a beta testing program. Instagram UI will automatically flip into a dark mode when a user enables “Dark Theme” in Android device settings.

Instagram’s white UI turns into the black in dark mode, which not only enhances cosmetic effects but also reduces eye strain and enhances battery performance particularly for the devices equipped with OLED displays.

Formerly thought that Instagram dark mode would be available on smartphones running on Android 10 OS, but later, the feature has been reportedly seen on numerous Samsung handsets running on older Android OS.

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