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Excessive screen time for kids worries experts

Experts are concerned about the screen time which is being used by the toddlers, infants and the ones in pre-school. The amount of screen time has seen an explosion over the previous decade with the impact of smartphones, tablets and television on the development of brain in the crucial years for the children.

A study which had been conducted recently has scanned brains of the children from the age group of 3 – 5 and discovered that the children who had used these screens above the levels recommended without the involvement of parents had brain development of lower levels particularly in the white matter which is an important part for the literacy, cognitive and language skills.

More use of screens is also associated with the lesser development of the white matter tracts across the brain.

The lead author has said that this is the first study which associates and documents the link of screen time with the development of the brain and skills in the kids who are of the preschool age.

It is important since the brain is rapidly developing in the first five years of the child where most of the development takes place according to the author. He adds that this is the time when the brains are soaking everything up and forming their strong connections which last for the rest of their lives.

Studies show that the excess of TV viewing has a link with the children’s inability to think with clarity and pay attention along with eating and behaviour related problems. The other problems may include poor sleep, delay in language and executive function impairment. Besides this reduces the important engagement which needs to take place between parents and children.

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