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NYC Takes Legal Action Against T-Mobile Over Unlawful Sales Tactics

New York City is taking legal action against T-Mobile for supposedly breaching user protection laws inside the city. The lawsuit stems majorly from Metro by T-Mobile, a prepaid, low-cost wireless program managed by the primary mobile carrier. As per the city, T-Mobile supposedly overcharged its users, sometimes logging them up for costly financing plans without their permission, and sold second-hand handsets as if they were new.

The DCWP (Department of Consumer and Worker Protection) of the New York City states to have documented over 2,200 infringements performed at 56 Metro stores by T-Mobile located all over 5 regions of the city. Those comprises cases where the firm supposedly included hundreds of dollars of extra costs to the advertised cost for a handset and getting users to e-sign leasing deals without being made clear of the costs. In minimum 21 cases recognized to the city, those Metro stores also sold earlier second-hand handsets as new phones.

A T-Mobile spokesperson claimed to the media, “What we are seeing supposedly here is entirely at odds with the honesty of our team and the assurance they have to taking care of our users daily,” and stated to be taking the accusations “extremely seriously.”

On a related note, you no longer have to settle for prepaid platforms if you are a T-Mobile user expecting to utilize eSIM support. The supplier has extended its eSIM support to permit employment with postpaid plans. You now do not have to be selective when you are freeing up your physical SIM slot or configuring a second line for global cards.

The expanded support is accessible now, even though some current warnings still apply. It only supports officially the iPhone XR and iPhone XS (and, presumably future iPhones) currently. That is not shocking considering the lack of Android handsets with eSIMs, but it is worth noting.

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