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Drug Developed To Cure Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Might Help In Survival

Recently, a drug developed by scientists at the Stony Brook University’s Renaissance School of Medicine—that aims enzymes involved in the progression of pancreatic cancer cells—is showing potential for advanced treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer. The novel drug Devimistat (or CPI-613) is being compounded with FOLFIRINOX—the standard chemotherapy regimen—to treat patients having pancreatic cancer. The phase three clinical trial—sponsored by Rafael Pharmaceuticals and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)—merged CPI-613 with FOLFIRINOX.

A past study with phase one showed an average overall patient survival rate of 20 months after the new combinations of drugs, while it was just 11 months after the treatment with chemotherapy alone. That same research revealed a tumor reduction—or tumor response rate—of 61% with the combination treatment, in comparison to nearly 32% with the standard regimen. Minsig Choi—Principal Investigator of the research—said, “This is an additional option for people with metastatic pancreatic cancer as it presents hope to considerably decrease their tumors and a method to control metastatic disease potentially.” Allegedly, CPI-613 is developed to treat the TCA (mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid) cycle, which is the course that generates energy for the tumor cells to sustain and multiply.

On a similar note, recently, a novel drug showed encouraging survival rate in pancreatic cancer. A clinical trial examining an innovative drug in pancreatic cancer had potential initial results as per to scientists from the UM’s (University of Michigan) Rogel Cancer Center. A phase one clinical trial targeted at AZD1775, which is an inhibitor designed to hinder an enzyme called Wee1 that has a function in DNA damage repair. The trial was built on approximately 20 Years of research at the UM that was focused on advancing the treatment of pancreatic cancer that is quite advanced for surgery.

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