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Cognitive Decline Could Be Dawdled Using High Blood Pressure Therapies

Researchers have found high blood pressure to speed up cognitive decline among middle-aged and older adults while treating it was found to help slow this down. According to researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public, the high blood pressure and cognitive decline have found to have a connection with age. In the US, approximately 80 Million adults were found to have high blood pressure and 1 Billion across the globe. The fluctuation in the blood pressure is found to have an impact on the blood vessels in the brain, which then leads to loss of memory, language, and thinking skills. The cognitive decline among the people dealing with high blood pressure was found to be higher compared to those who do not have high blood pressure.

The high blood pressure treatments were, thus, found to help slow down the cognitive decline rate. The researchers screened many high blood pressure patients and the ones not having it to understand the treatments’ effect on memory. In China, middle-aged and older adults were found to be more prone to be affected by cognitive decline. The study on the relationship between high blood pressure treatments protection against cognitive decline is currently being scrutinized. The study is anticipated to help open a new door for treating Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive disorders.

On a similar note, the researchers from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School found the rate of chronic hypertension to have increased by 75% in pregnant women age 35 and over in the US since 1970 while the black women were found to have persistent high blood pressure two-fold higher compared to the white women. The obesity, preeclampsia, pregestational & gestational diabetes, preterm delivery, and perinatal mortality were found to be higher among the black women than the white women. Thus, the only solution is to cease smoking, weight control, change lifestyle, take effective anti-hypertensive therapy, and consider other modifiable factors for a healthy life and beneficial effect on chronic hypertension and pregnancy outcomes.

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